How to Install Windows Developer 8 Preview Without Damaging Your Computer


Windows 8 Developer Preview is available on  both the 32-bit and 64-bit model. If you want to try the future Microsoft operating system, it is best to go about it early because this version expires November 3, 2011 .he safest way to install and test Windows Developer Preview 8 is to do it on a virtual machine, as explained earlier in this post. Let the few steps to follow on software such as VirtualBox .

Download Windows Developer Preview 8 on the one hand, and download and install VirtualBox is of course the first step.


1. Create a new virtual machine


Once launched VirtualBox, it is necessary to create a new virtual machine by clicking on the “Create” button, simply.




2. Create a new virtual machine


VirtualBox shows a step by step wizard to create this new virtual machine. Simply give it the name you want (in this example: ” Windows 8 Preview “) and an OS. Windows 8 is not official yet, you must choose the last option ” Other Windows “.




3. Assign at least 1 GB of RAM





4. Create a new boot hard disk fixed size over 20 GB


We now create a virtual hard disk . VirtualBox allows you to select an existing hard drive or create a new one. This last option to choose. The step by step then asks if the size of the disk is fixed or variable. The answer is “fixed”.




Time to create this disc, once validated generally lasts several minutes. It should be a little patient.


5. Set up the screen with 256 MB of video memory and 3D acceleration




6. Mount the ISO image of Windows Preview 8 as starting


It is now necessary to boot the virtual machine on an OS and the OS, we have downloaded since it is the ISO image of Windows 8 Developer Preview  . In VirtualBox, click Configuration and Storage . We must add a CD / DVD by clicking on the first logo in front of ” IDE “, then” Select a disk “.




Once recovered the ISO file in Windows Developer Preview 8, it appears in the interface of VirtualBox. It should then just select it as the primary IDE master .




Once these steps, the machine is ready to be launched and Preview of Windows 8 will be installed.




Be careful not to confuse speed with haste. Indeed, this version of Windows 8 Preview  is still unstable . It is best not to install it on his computer as usual the main OS. The best is yet to be installed on a virtual machine.

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