A new alternative to Cydia might appear soon. Proclivity is an alternative to app store Cydia, or rather a new way to access Cydia, because it uses the same database and same repositories. Even in early stage, the developers still do not qualify or Beta, is now available for testing in our devices with Jailbreak and go debugging failures and improving its design. Want to know how it works or even try? Here are the full details below

Proclivity tries to be a faster alternative and a design more updated and adapted to the new iOS 8 store the current Jailbreak, Cydia. Among the promises they make us their developers can be found:

  • Speed: a new way to manage packages that can be installed in no time.
  • Compatibility: the tweaks in Cydia previously purchased will not have to re-buy.
  • Design: much more modern and intuitive.
  • Add Repositories: besides officers Cydia, you can add others that exist.
  • Background update: new packages will be updated in the background, you must not wait.
  • No resprings: Proclivity ensures respring do not need to install packages.

If you urge to test the application then we will tell you what you need:


iPhone 6/6 Pus on iOS 8.1 or later.
Just over 100Mb of free space on the device.

  1. Run Cydia on your device.
  2. Go to Font and then add the address to the list of repositories:
  3. Once this repository packages loaded, search: “Proclivity”.
  4. Install the package.

proclivity-cydia-app-2An excellent alternative to Cydia although I must say that there is a replacement. So far none of these promises have been fulfilled. The design leaves much to be desired, do not work many of their “exclusive” options and can not add new repos, but as we say, Proclivity is still in a very early stage.

As mentioned above, for those who want to try, first note that only supports iOS 8.1 (and later) and that will only install the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, since in other devices is not yet optimized. If you meet these requirements and want to see for yourself the changes that will be added to future applications store Proclivity just add the repo “” and install the package contains. An icon on the springboard that will give you access to the store is created. To load the packages first you must click on Settings screen and drag downward adjustments to be updated.

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