PS3DJB&#a hundred and sixty;is just a little device for HTC HD2 (working on Android) that simplifies the method ignoring the limitations for the most recent model of&#one hundred sixty;PlayStation three&#a hundred and sixty;with the aid of a&#one hundred sixty;downgrade&#one hundred sixty;to firmware and producing&#a hundred and sixty;jailbreak&#one hundred sixty;, the usage of the favored apps and PSFreedom PSDAndroid.

&#a hundred and sixty; PSD3DJB

The latest firmware updates for Sony PlayStation 3 have been impossible to do the jailbreak of the popular console game using current tools. The only way is by ignoring this and downgrade the firmware of the console first. The members of XDA-Developers forum Mangahoteles Darkstone and have developed tools to do this using a HTC HD2 (on Android), but the process of setting up the required files to the phone was tedious, requiring a edit startup.txt, opening GScriptLite , etc.


Forum member XDA-Developers, HackMinic, has launched an app you can install on your Windows Mobile device while using, and copy all the files needed for the downgrade and jailbreak process to install Android on your SD card . To install the files to PS3DJB, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Download any HD2 HTC Android build of your choice and place it in the folder named " Android "in the folder of the storage card.

Step 2: Install to your storage card HD2.

Step 3: Install to the storage card in your HTC HD2

Step 4: Run PS3DJB and press " Setup Jailbreak "to prepare your Android to do the jailbreak your PS3 .Expected to complete the process, and voila!

Downgrade: To downgrade your PS3, running " PS3DJB ", press" Menu "then" Instructions "and select downgrade instructions.

Jailbreak: In order to jailbreak your PS3, running " PS3DJB ", press" Menu "then" Instructions "and select jailbreak instructions. Follow all the steps correctly to make a successful jailbreak on the console.

For updates, request help or errors, go to the forum PS3DJB of XDA-Developers.

Download DowngradeUpdater
Download PS3DJB

Warning : This process involves modifying the firmware of the PlayStation 3 console, which carries a risk, do not assume. Remember we are not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur to your device, since the purpose of this guide is for information only. The steps listed here will be followed at your own risk. We invite you to share your comments with other users using the boxes that continue to this publication.

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