How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4 With Pangu



Pangu team made it possible to run the jailbreak on the new fourth generation Apple TV. This process is not as simple as you might expect since it will be a jailbreak for most developers and users. Therefore, if you are planning to run the jailbreak on your ATV 4, this guide may come in handy to avoid more or less serious problems.


  • A Mac with OS X.
  • An Apple TV with TVOS 9.0 or 9.0.1.
  • The Pangu files for Apple TV.
  • A USB-C / USB-A cable (you can buy one on Amazon).
  • An Apple Developer Membership Account.

Jailbreaking Apple TV with Pangu

Step 1: Download the Pangu files for Apple TV 4 from here. Unpack the archive and create a folder containing everything you need to jailbreak.


Step 2: connect the Apple TV to your Mac via the USB 4-C cable.

Step 3: Open Xcode. Surf the Window> Devices and select the Apple TV 4 from the list of available devices.

Step 4: The “Device Information” section will inform you on the Apple TV features. Look under “Identifier” ‘UDID and take note of your Apple TV.


Step 5: connect with your information on the Apple developer portal and register your Apple TV to devices available for testing (you can do it from this page).


Step 6: While you will be logged in the Apple Developer, create a new App ID for the Apple TV. This ID can have any name, but Make it easy to remember and especially associated to the Apple TV 4. You can do it all directly from this page.

Step 7: Now you will have to create a mobile provisioning profile. You can go to the page where you can create it by clicking here. Under “Development” go to TVOS App Development before pressing Next and then choose the developer certificate related to your account.

Step 8: Assign the provisioning profile created previously to Apple TV on which to perform the jailbreak. Click on “Select devices” to do so and “Continue” once you are done.

Step 9: download the profile and save it in the folder with everything you need to jailbreak. Be sure to rename the profile in “embedded.mobileprovision”.


Step 10: Open the Keychain on your Mac and select the “Certificates” under “Category”. Look between the properties of the developer certificate information A and B (as indicated in the image below) and note it down.


Step 11: we are finally ready to install on your Apple TV 4 IPA that will run the jailbreak of the device. You can install the IPA going in Xcode, by selecting Window> Devices from the menu and then clicking “+” with the Apple TV 4 selected. Then select the atvipa file located in Payload> within the Pangu tool to jailbreak.


The Pangu app has been so installed on your Apple TV. Once the process is complete, you can connect your Apple TV to your TV again and launch the Pangu app from the Home screen to complete the jailbreak. Recall that this first active Jailbreak for Apple TV, only the connection and SSH: Cydia then nothing, nothing to tweak, nothing at all at the time, but if you have the right knowledge, you can already start doing something on your ATV 4 via SSH.


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