amazon-prime-boxLast week, Amazon presented spectacular quarterly results, doubling the expectations that Wall Street investors had placed on them. However, it was not all good news, as the company announced a new price increase for the Amazon Prime subscription.

The Amazon Prime service is, without a doubt, a great asset for all those who use the online store from time to time, although it also depends to a large extent on your country of residence. If you are a subscriber of this service, you can enjoy its main and most striking aspect, and that means that the cost of virtually any shipment that is managed by Amazon will be non-existent.

This increase has been announced, for the moment, for the United States. There Amazon Prime includes some extra services more than in Spain, so its price is higher. Specifically, the annual subscription will be worth $99 to $119 starting in May 11, this being the first rise in 4 years to this modality.

Behind the rise we probably find reasons like Amazon is making heavy investments in the acquisition of content. In addition, in the last 4 years the value of Prime’s subscription and the associated cost that they have to the service have increased, including things like special functions of Alexa, the Washington Post, or a greater content of Prime Video.

The price increase will begin to apply to new customers as of May 11, and for current subscribers will begin to apply to those who renew from June 16. Therefore, they still time to use the subscription for the current price, although as of summer next year they will have no choice but to pay the increase price.

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