How to keep OneDrive 15 GB of free space




A few weeks ago the guys from Redmond chose to drastically reduce the storage space in the accounts of all regular users of OneDrive cloud storage,meaning all users who had 15 GB of free space, automatically was reduced to only 5 GB.

As announced by Microsoft, those who were forced to reduce this free space in addition to removing accounts unlimited storage, to be purchased as some users made a disproportionate use of available space, with examples that reached up to 70 TB of information.

There were many people who expressed their discomfort and started collecting signatures on the platform for Microsoft to think twice this drastic reduction of space. It seems that this time did deaf ears and the guys at Microsoft have announced that they will return to offer 15GB of free storage to all users who request it, and not by default.

This is the best measure especially for users who make use of OneDrive, since they can store more information, but those who do not use, or do not know about the possibility of returning to normal space, will not have that opportunity and boys Microsoft that saves valuable space on the servers of the company.

To be able to have 15 GB of free space OneDrive our account,  Microsoft has created for the event a link:  and click on Keep your free storage. Currently no platform is offering unlimited storage in the cloud, mainly because of the problem that Microsoft had with such accounts offered to all users of Office 365. (via The Verge):

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