&#a hundred and sixty;Be sure to try to Power Give up the usage of&#a hundred and sixty;these&#one hundred sixty;steps first ahead of persevering with.

Step One
Launch Terminal out of your Purposes:Utilities folder.

Step Two
Input the command top into the Terminal window then press the Enter key.

Step Three
You will be displayed a list of running processes on your system. Notice each process is assigned a PID. Locate the process that is not responding and take note of its PID. 

If you do not see your process on the short list drag the handle at the bottom right of the window downwards to display more of the list.

Press the q button to quit top.

Step Four
Input kill followed by the PID of the process you would like to close into the Terminal window. For example, if we wanted to close uTorrent top revealed that its PID was 38209. So we would input kill 38209 then press the Enter key.

Step Five
The application has now been forcefully killed and is no longer running.

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