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For those who want to see you observe your FaceBook profile, please note that it is possible. How? … Installing a Facebook traffic free viewer, which displays the most recent profiles of users who have visited your profile.

You can find out those who come to your Facebook profile easily with this tracking tool. It's free to the public, so it is not necessary overpayments to add this link to your profile on FaceBook.

Step 1. In order to see who observe your FaceBook profile, you must obtain tracking code. Visitwww.unfaced.com

Step 2. Once you sign up for FaceBook tracker, download, or insert the code. Then you can go ahead and start your session FaceBook.

Step 3. Go to "Profile"and click on the privacy option. Double click on "News Feed and Mini-Feed Privacy".Now you can view many options as "Pokes"messages, and see who has viewed your profile on Facebook recently.

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