How to make a call “on hold” on iPhone 4 and iOS4


The discharge of the brand new working device iOS4 has introduced with it a lot of improvements, a few of that are reserved solely for the final cell instrument from Apple ‘siPhone four. Amongst these, an important is surely FaceTime wherein it turns into that you can think of to make video calls from the iPhone with the aid of now. Launch a video is truly easy to do all through a standard cellphone name isn’t important however a easy faucet on the right button.

on hold


To comply with the grid of six buttons that is displayed during a call, Apple had to inevitably remove a button to leave room to FaceTime. Among the six was chosen button through which could put a call on hold and precisely because of this, a few days ago have been launched unnecessary controversy. We see the reason for this statement …

Not everyone knows that the button was removed it, but the functionality is still active, though not quite at hand as before, simply hold down for a few seconds on “mute.”


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