How to make a difference between an original and fake Apple Lightning cable


lightning-cable-1 Protect yourself from the unexpected “dying” phone, you can , put on any PC , laptop, or other device equipped with a USB- port. However, you must carry a cable for charging and syncing that comes with the phone.

Genuine lightning cable cost  $19 in the online Apple Store , but the stores are located in a completely different side of the world , there is something very similar to what we need , but it has five times lower cost . It is about informal cords for the iPhone and iPad, which manufacturers give them for their original products . Is difficult to distinguish a fake , but it is the power of any user.

If you got cable in the package , it should start learning from it . The original box is made of heavy cardboard with a high-quality printing . At the bottom there is a sticker with the performance enhancement and batch number. At the top of the glued plastic hanger with which the box in the store hanging in the window . Once you get hold of the cable , pay attention to how he stowed. The original cord rolled into trim ring or oval-shaped bay . Moreover , the wire neatly stowed. Non-original cables often curl up haphazardly .

If you are dealing directly with a wire , then pay attention to three points : Lightning- connector , USB- connector and serial number.

Lightning- connector

The original accessory (right ) plug -piece – made ​​of a single metal element . At counterfeiting (left ) connector consists of several parts. The metal tip of the original very carefully pressed into a plastic casing , while the copy is notable gaps .

fake-lightning cable

USB- plug

On the plastic casing USB- plug applied emblem USB. On the original wire color is light gray, very carefully applied . Copies of the same image on a dark gray and has a fuzzy boundary.


The connector itself is also quite remarkable. The outer part of the original cable has only two holes on the side with the logo USB. Counterfeiting can be four. It is worth paying attention to the joints of metal on the opposite side of the connector. They can be seen , but in the original wire of a very tightly adjacent to each other , but not so on the copy.

And will issue a fake cover plug. Original cable ferrule (right) has a smooth polished , Informal (left) – roughened surface.

The serial number and the text

lightning-cable-4Each and every cable Apple has a serial quantity and the inscription “Designed with the aid of Apple in California, Assembled in China”. In fact , the Chinese language are additionally accompanied by means of a replica of the inscription and the serial quantity , excluding that they appear completely different . The textual content of the unique cable is grey (under) and stamped extra effectively. Font on a pretend fats , utilized darkish grey paint (above).

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