The way to make a transportable model of Home windows To Go from Home windows eight Undertaking



Very similar to what Linux has been offering for years with Linux Live CD or USB, which allows a distribution of Linux without the need to install this on the PC for use, Windows To Go allows you to use Windows 8 Enterprise directly from a memory external turning this in your notebookNow we have the final version of Windows 8 in our hands, we explain how it is ultimately the process of creating your own Windows To Go.

Windows To Go is available as a native tool in version Enterprise Windows 8. As a requirement, you need an external memory, either a hard disk or a USB flash drive with at least 32GB of space. In addition requires to have the installation disk Windows 8 Enterprise on hand.

Already from these ingredients on hand, do the following steps:

Step 1: From the Start Screen on Windows 8, pressing keys Win + C and select search.

windows 8 start menu

Step 2: Type in the search bar that “Windows To Go”. Then press the SETTINGS option just below.


Step 3: On your right you will see the option of Windows To Go. Select this.


Step 4: This starts creation tool from Windows To Go Desktop environment. Select the external memory that is used to install Windows To Go. Press NEXT.


Step 5: Next, the tool asks where is the file “”, which is part of the files in the Windows 8 Enterprise installer. Sight the installation disk Windows 8 Enterprise. If you have an image (. Iso) in Windows 8, you have to unzip this before continuing to use tools such as 7-zip and then point to the folder where you unzipped the files.Press NEXT.


Step 6: The next screen asks if you want to incorporate in configuring BitLocker Windows To Go. BitLocker encrypts all data in the external memory (“encryption”), allowing you to see all of its contents only by entering a password. If you want additional security option, select BitLocker and then enter the password to use for validation.


Step 7: Finally the tool gives a summary of the activities you’ll be doing to prepare Windows To Go. CREATE Press to start the process.


Step 8: Now wait until the process is completed. This can take a long time depending on the size of the external memory of choice and if I select the option to BitLocker.


Step 9: After the creation of Windows To Go, the tool asks which boot option you want. If you are interested in using Windows To Go on the PC where you think, press YES to ensure that the current configuration of Windows 8 can boot an operating system from an external memory. If you will be using Windows To Go on another PC, press NO.


Step 10: Then click on “Retailer and Restart” if you need to take a look at Home windows To Go now or “Shop and Shut” to easily shut the appliance.

Notice: Needless to say the PC the place you wish to have to make use of Home windows To Go need to be configured to start out when this primary seem to be if there’s an exterior pressure linked “bootable”. This may also be verified via coming into the BIOS of the pc and watch the boot order to activate the PC (“Boot Order”).

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