All through the convention, WWDC Apple offered its new utility referred to as Passbook – it is intended to store tickets, coupons, coupon cards, etc. in electronic form and in one place. Despite the fact that with iOS 6 Beta running on an iPhone Passbook can be fully operational application will not be for lack of it already mentioned tickets, coupons, etc. - Will appear to the user just a blank page. 

Passbook-1 (1)
Fortunately, the ability to add virtual tickets and coupons in Passbook is, and it does not need to wait the autumn, when Apple itself officially launch the application, and developers will start to build his support in their applications.
How you add your own Passbook content is based on site PassSource, created specifically for this application. All that is necessary to make the user perform a few simple steps:

  1. Open website on your iPhone with iOS 6 and choose which type of card (ticket, coupon, discount cards) you want to create
  2. Fill in the fields of information, for example, by specifying the name of the owner or the card number
  3. Click "Create" button
  4. After all this is already set up card opens in the application Passbook and can be viewed.

All this makes the program very efficient and allows us to estimate its potential to the full even before its official launch. [via 9to5mac]


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