Winterboard – a popular tweak has been updated to work with iOS 8. If you have not like the idea of the design of Apple, then Winterboard themes could easily remedy the situation, providing a huge amount of colorful and stylish solutions. The very successful tweak has reported an update for iOS 8, but none of the existing art pieces do not want to work normally: for example, changing only the sliders, and sometimes even distorted normal icons. Now we’ll show you how to make Winterboard new theme work with the latest Apple firmware.

The list of changes of the new and updated version of WinterBoard:

Without jailbreaking immersed in the process meaningless. If you have any questions on the part of Cydia tweaks and you can turn to our Encyclopedia jailbreak and unlock, where everything is described in detail.

You need to download from Cydia on your device:

  • IconBundles
  • Apple File Conduit “2”

And on the computer you will need to download the following programs:

Now, when a mandatory set of tools loaded on the iPhone / iPad and the driven machine, make sure that you liked the design theme is installed on the device. If all you give yourself a positive response, then proceed:

How to make Winterboard themes work on iOS 8.

1. Connect your device to your computer.


2.Start iFunBox, and select the item Raw File System -> Library -> Themes

3. File Manager currently displays the folder in which you add up all the installed themes. Copy the folder of your choice with the themes to your disk.

4. Run Shattered Husky

5. Press the Select Theme, and then browse to the newly copied folder. Please note that for 1 time, you can convert only one topic.

6. Click Select Destination to specify a different directory on your computer where you want to place a new and already compatible theme.

7. When you click on Options to choose the type of device to convert. Be sure to tick the Mask themed icons.

8. Convert push on and start the process.

In any case, we repeat truisms. Firstly, you can convert only one folder at a time – do not try to choose immediately Shattered Husky 50 pieces.

Secondly, converted and compatible with the themes folder on your PC or Mac to be downloaded to the device via iFunBox on already known address: Raw File System -> Library -> Themes.



Third, once you need only to click on the new files. Follow respring and you get an updated design of iOS 8.x.

That’s all. We hope that this process will not cause you difficulty.

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