As you all be aware of, the iPhone energy has been restricted for safety causes. All processors on the several types of tools are by no means absolutely exploited. Alternatively there’s a methodology, the ” Overclocking “, which goals to extend the clock pace of a processor past the nominal frequency, decided by using the producer. Processor of the iPhone 3G for instance, is 600MHz, however Apple has restricted to 412 MHz and that of 3Gs as a substitute of 833 MHz to be blocked at 600 MHz. Here’s a tutorial to improve your software:

Alternatively to the operation is bad and may result in everlasting harm to the iPhone.


If mishandled you are solely responsible for it, in any case iHelplounge or myself will not be questioned.


A jailbroken iPhone

iFile installed on the iPhone via Cydia. (For the SSH connection)


Go to the following file with iFile ” System / Library / System / System Setup / PowerManagement.bundle / .

You will find a file inside named: ” .

Click on the “blue arrow” next to the file.

In the bar called ” Name “rename the file” SystemPowerProfileDefaultBACKUP.plist “so that the iPhone no longer recognize the file.

Perform a reboot of the machine and you get an iPhone Overclock.

The processor overclocked can perform more instructions per second, thereby making it much faster, and what makes the iPhone even more fluid. In return, it heats up more, and certain operations may fail because of too high internal temperature or supply voltage too low compared to its frequency.

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