How To Prepare Your Device For iOS 9.3



Today is a big day for Apple. It is assumed to be presented a new 4-inch iPhone called iPhone SE and a new iPad instead of called iPad Air 3 would become the iPad Mini Pro, professionalizing the Apple tablet line and leaving for a less demanding public line iPad Mini.

But these will not be all new, provided that Apple has released a new device, a new version of iOS has been with, and this time will be less, which is why (and the countless number of betas that had ) today finally expected release of iOS 9.3 for all, so you have to bring innovations like preparing your device and about the jailbreak in this release.

What’s new  in iOS 9.3

There have been a lot talk about the iOS 9.3, is that Apple put us a very nice website explaining over some of the innovations that this new update would bring, is that while a “big or small” update is not to take it to light, new functionality will improve our use and safety devices, and today will bring some new features to convince you that we will explain actualize.

ios-9.3-releaseLet’s start with what tops this part of the article, Night Shift, which will accompany this system iOS 9.3 will ensure reduce the blue light generated by our screens at certain times, is a very very similar to f.lux who already run for know, a software that will reduce the cool colors and increase the warm colors of our screen as the night draws closer, thus two benefits to our health are achieved, the first is that our eyes do not suffer so much and do not dry out so easily, therefore we can still use our device without fear of damaging our view, and the second is rather complex, in our eyes there are sensitive to blue light “sensors”, these serve to guide our body in the circadian cycle thanks to them our body senses when it is dark and is preparing to go to sleep (sleep), however screens and blue light produce the opposite effect, excite these sensors in our eyes so that our body does not make that preparation, the consequences of this are significant and it is costing us more sleep and reveal us (as we reduce the quality of our sleep, it’s like going for a run without overheating).

Night Shift will be configured by the user within the “Accessibility” menu and programmable to be switched on and off automatically depending on the time and even the calendar (so synchronizes with sunrise and sunset), this function only it will be compatible with devices that have a 64-bit processor.


The second most interesting feature is the protection of notes TouchID, this is much simpler, it will allow us to protect certain notes with our footprint to avoid hits or authorized, although I see a useful role I think it is late and incomplete, Apple us you should leave even protect photo albums or applications, however seems headed in doing things as they feel like it, something that is not always the best method.

Apart from these two iOS functions 9.3 brings integration of Apple Music in carplay, recommendations applications within the app Health indicating apps that can provide data that interest us and a new multiuser system for the iPad that can only be used by educational institutions, and that each student can access all content through its AppleID on a shared iPad, this is something that will be extremely useful and save a lot of money to schools and universities since it is not necessary to purchase an iPad for each student but X iPads per classroom.

Unfortunately, the system multiple user will not reach the ordinary user, something we asking for years, but do not worry, this first step of Apple may indicate that in the next major update of iOS this system is adapted to ordinary users can share and iPad family, after all, with X iOS (iOS 10) just around the corner, we can not blame them if they want to keep some novelty.

And the last known feature is a new layer of security that Apple has introduced in its effort to protect our data, and is now password iPhone will be used to encrypt backups move it up to iCloud, this will mean that our backups are uploaded encrypted servers and the password is unknown to them, which will put even more difficult the transfer of personal data to government agencies data, and is that until now the backups are protected with their own passwords Apple , which although our devices could not be accessed by court order, our backups and all other information they include.

How to prepare your devices

The preparation of your devices is simple but you there are few steps to take if we want to keep our data against possible failures and get the best performance after the upgrade, these are the steps to follow:

  • Make some room by removing downloaded applications you do not use, this will ensure enough space for installation and updating and passing a space that we can fill with new applications. You can also delete files like videos and photos (Look back multimedia files that no duplicates on you device and Whatsapp chats).
  • After cleaning the system, it is the time to safeguard your data, and is that if something goes wrong, just conect your iPhone to PC or Mac.
  • Once done space and saved the backup reaches the final step, update your device using iTunes, this is more important than it seems and that there are different ways to update a device, specifically we have three, and each is most recommended in a particular case:

As for the jailbreak of iOS 9.3, something we know, is that despite the release of the jailbreak for iOS 9.2 earlier than we thought, hackers claimed to have a jailbreak ready and compatible with betas of iOS 9.3, and this was done practically a week or less, so it is very likely that this week we have jailbreak for iOS 9.3.



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