How to prevent iOS updates to use space on the iPhone and iPad.



Every time Apple releases a new update, it will automatically download only on devices that are compatible when we want to perform the installation. Although we can ignore it completely, some updates consume a large amount of space in our device, a device that if the 16GB model can be seen as a vital to save photos or videos space, as we saw in the last announcement google in which google promotes its Photos service using the interface and the sounds of the iPhone, but without mentioning it or display it at any time.

When the installation is ready to be installed, iOS sends us reminders to proceed to install, warnings that can postpone continuously until finally we install. Since there is no way to prevent iOS continue sending these notices, all we can do is remove the update of our device to temporarily stop these notifications as well as allowing Blissful save space on your iPhone.

Remove the space used by iOS updates

  • First we must go to our device and tap Settings.
  • Within Settings select General and then press in Storage and iCloud
  • In the next menu, press in Manage Storage.
  • Then all the applications we have installed on our device and iOS updates are displayed
  • If we remove the latest update of iOS, just we have to click on it and confirm the deletion in the next menu.

This is a temporary solution because when we meet again connect to a Wi-Fi network our device rechecked the latest version of iOS and if not we installed automatically download. This usually occurs mainly at night, when the iPhone is idle for several hours.

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