How to Print Documents from Dropbox


 Dropbox is a very nice service, which lets you store and easily synchronize all your files. Yes, but not all, it is also possible to divert this service to make a lot of other things. Gabe had also devoted an article on the subject. Proof of this is some crafty managed to use DropBox to easily print files from a computer, certainly, but also from a phone or even a touch pad.



And when we know that the iPad will print in November, with the release of IOS 4.2, we say that this trick may be of interest to people. Including those who own a smartphone with a large sensor and want to print directly from their mobile.DropBox To print from, so simply follow these steps:

  • Dropbox installed on the computer connected to the printer.
  • Install Dropbox on your mobile or on the touch pad of your choice.
  • Download the archive given by the source and double-click the file“eprint.vbs”.
  • A subfolder is created in your Dropbox and has the following name:“PrintQueue”.
  • Simply transfer the files you want in this file for printing.

Lack of time (to prepare such big party), I have not had the opportunity to test this tool, please share your feedback in comments to this article. And if you want to thank someone, it’s the guy from the source that deserve all the honors.

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