How to protect your iPhone/Privacy. A Virus Hits Jailbroken iPhone


 First one which we did warned you about was when a Dutch hacker tried to access jailbroken iPhones through SSH in his native country Netherlands. He was successful in sending totally off guarded users a message that read, "Your iPhone’s been hacked because it’s really insecure! Please visit and secure your iPhone right now! Right now, I can access all your files.". The second development was an attempt by an Australian who successfully injected a worm called “ikee” into jailbroken iPhones whose users forgot to change their root password for SSH. Victims of ikee virus were astonished to find their home screen background automatically changed to that of Rick Astley. ikee virus spread like a chain reaction from iPhones on one cellular network, to iPhones on other.

iPhone/Privacy.A Virus Hits Jailbroken iPhone

In the first case, the Dutch hacker regretted his action and reverted everything back, whereas in the seco
nd case, it was simply an experiment by the young Aussie whose worm ikee did not do any harm to the victims iPhone. All these attacks had one thing in common, they were targeted towards jailbroken iPhone users who were using the default root:alpine username/password combination. In our earlier post we had already recommended you all on how to secure and how to protect your iPhone against such vulnerabilities.

Previous attacks did not do much harm but this new one which is identified as iPhone/Privacy.A virus carries alot more risk. As reported by MobileCrunch, the computer security firm Intego has identified the truly malicious malware named iPhone/Privacy.A that targets jailbroken iPhones with default user/password combo and is probably the first harmful one of its kind. The virus in question gives a hacker complete access on the victim

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