How to receive Windows XP security updates until April 2019



In April this year, Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows XP. Consumers who do not wish or are not able to upgrade to a newer version of Windows operating system are forced to run their machine without support , by being exposed to potential danger due to the inability to get the latest updates .

However , there is a trick that can extend the safe use of the outdated system . Microsoft still supports embedded operating system Windows Embedded POSReady, applied POS-terminals , ATMs and self-service terminals . The system is built just on the basis of Windows XP Service Pack 3 . Although, writes Utech, updates targeting Windows Embedded POSReady is suitable for XP that prematurel left the manufacturer.

The install the updates will not work, the system will display the version mismatch error that are general and logical. Nevertheless , it appeared on the web a way to solve this problem which is enough to one simple registry operation .

How to get Windows XP to receive security updates until 2019 :

Step 1: Create a text file and paste the following text :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
“Installed” = dword: 00000001

Step 2: Save the file . Rename it to XP.reg, replacing the original extension . Txt.

Step 3: Start XP.reg – change will be automatically entered into the register .


After rebooting, Windows XP will be able to receive security updates until April 2019.

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