Shrink-My-PicturesIn the App Store , you can find a lot of variety of photo editors . Some do well with the addition of labels and a variety of masks or templates , while others allow you to process photos using special filters , others reduce the size of images with minimal loss of quality . Shrink My Pictures application relates to the latter category.

Many people spend their time trying to compress the image, transferring images to a computer and working with everyone individually. Spending a few hours on it , they complain how uncomfortable to use for these purposes Photoshop or Makovsky View . Application for batch processing Shrink My Pictures can easily cope with this problem , allowing for a few minutes to make room in memory the iPhone and iPad, without resorting to desktop editors.


Shrink My Pictures is a very useful program for the iPhone and iPad, especially if you want to quickly reduce the size of the images and save megabytes on your mobile device . We are talking about changing the “weight” of images to scale images using other software , we talked about it in our previous article .

Shrink My Pictures program is intuitive to use. Noting in the main window the images , just click the Start button and wait. After some time (depending on the number and size of the selected photo ) application will inform the successful completion of the procedure. This will display the total size of the volume of images and space savings .

Shrink My Pictures advantage is convenience and even a way to compress large images . In the settings you can specify the quality of the final images for each format (JPEG, GIF and PNG) with three buttons – low, medium and high . The program used different interpolation algorithms , so photos are saved in high quality , and the size is reduced to 5-6 times. Processed images can be sent in a social network .

The cost Shrink My Pictures in the App Store is $0.99 . The iOS app is available both on the iPhone, and iPad.[iTunes Link]

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