findmyiphone_appleiOS 7 implemented a reliable protection from theft and access by third parties . To disable the built- Find My iPhone service , or re-install the OS can not be without knowing your Apple ID and password on the latest version of  Apple firmware. Spread of this technology makes meaningless iOS- theft device. However, the new function can suffer and people legitimately acquired handheld gadgets. When you try to erase or re-install the firmware, the iPhone or iPad may require the device password.

For this case the service Find My iPhone can be remote otvyazki gadget from your account. This function allows you to bypass the lock activation Activation Lock. It should be remembered that the owner of the device must know the account settings iCloud – Apple ID and password. Without this, disable Find My iPhone Activation Lock and bypass conventional means impossible.

You can use one of the following ways to untether your iPhone, iPad or Mac account from iCloud.

How to disable Find My iPhone  on the device  from iCloud

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or put it in airplane mode . Otherwise, the gadget does not allow to exclude it from iCloud.

Step 2: Run a standard application Find My iPhone and log into the program, specifying the account settings .

Step 3: Scroll to the device you want to unbind from iCloud.


Step 4 : Go to the properties of the gadget with options to configure . The device must be “offline” .

Step 5: In addition to the commands to activate the missing data erasure and here you will find the Delete link . It is located in the upper right corner . Click it.

If you do not have the Delete button in the device description , try to disable it using the web interface iCloud.

How to disable a device from iCloud from using iCloud.com web interface

Step 1 : Turn on airplane mode or turn off your iPhone or iPad. Otherwise, the gadget will not allow to decouple it from iCloud.

Step 2: On the computer go to the website and sign www.icloud.com under your account .

Step 3: Open the Find iPhone.


Step 4: Top click All device.

Step 5: Scroll down to the gadget you want and click on it . Status of the device to be “offline” .

Step 6 : In the center , click the ” Remove from Search iPhone”. A window will appear with a warning that the gadget will appear again in the list, if it is enabled ” Find My iPhone”. Confirm the deletion.

If instead of a page with a description of the device you have a pop-up window in the upper right corner of the window , make sure the device is disconnected from the Internet . After that :

Step 1: Press the button on top of all devices .


Step 2: Scroll to the gadget you want and click on it .

Step 3: Click the gray X next to the device name .


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