How To Remove Music Player Widget stuck On Your iPhone Lock Screen



When playing music on the iPhone or iPad, usually, a device is put into standby mode to play music in the background, but sometimes when you want to switch songs, you will find that unlock the music playback controller completely failed or stuck on the HOME screen.  Below are several different ways to help you fix this issue.

Let the music stop playing automatically

Some people may think that this method is stupid, but this is likely to be one of the solutions, when the music stops playing automatically, the music control on the screen will automatically disappear.

Launch multi-tasking manager

You may be using built-in music or third-party music players such as Spotify, Pandora, and more. If you have a device with a HOME button, click on the HOME button twice to enter the multi-tasking manager to see apps that are running in the background . If you are on the iPhone X device, swiped up from the bottom of the screen, you can quickly access to multi-media and slide the music app up and down.

Reboot your iPhone

This may be because the system or APP error occurs, such as the above two ways or a problem, you can directly turn off your device off to reboot it.

Remove the APP reload

Delete an app is not a bad thing, when some third-party application is not been updated or re-installed for a long time, there may be bug bugs that need to be fixed. To do so, press and hold your app, then press on the X to delete it, and through the App Store and then install it.

Bluetooth device error

Many users will choose to buy Bluetooth speakers, headphones or use the car audio system to connect iOS devices, by going to iOS Settings > Bluetooth, click on the past has been connected to the right of the Bluetooth device ” i ” on your car stereo, press” Forget this device “. Reboot your device again.

Once again, pair iOS devices and Bluetooth devices, the system will also record the connected devices, you can manually remove and re-connect once.

Reset all settings

this might be the least favorite option for most people, but if you want to run your device smoothly you can  proceed the reset if the above five methods can not fix your issue. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content & Settings..

Upgrade to the latest iOS version

This method is the ultimate solution to the most recent iPhone, iPad and iPd touch iOS version firmware.

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