How to Remove the Integrated iPhone Tracker


Undoubtedly, we wish the large story of the week. Certainly, the day past that the Guardian has set fire to the powder by publishing an article in which we learn that all iPhones on the market include a tracker to track movements of its user. Of course, all these data are recorded in a top secret file and we can say that the news triggered a public outcry. Yes, well in this article, we'll see how to get rid of that ugly tracker …


We must admit, on paper, this story is quite disturbing. Nobody likes to feel spy, nobody wants to be spied on and probably for this reason that the tracker has not failed to fire a number of hostile reactions. Hostile and legitimate, huh … However, before spraying the gas company and make a match, it is necessary to remember that she had already set the tone during the announcement of the iPhone 4. In Indeed, he must know, Apple contrefout of our lives and our daily lives. The objective of this tracker is simple, it is able to provide service users locations. Furthermore, still according to the firm, the tracker does not identify the user and the anonymity of the latter is preserved. The problem, of course, is that any program can use the data and it takes only a few hours of work in order to obtain all the information on the movements of a person. In this context, remove the tracker, it may be an option to consider and that is just two wa
ys to block its effects.

The first method does not let you delete the tracker integrated with the iPhone but in reality it will block the generated file containing all your past positions and will therefore completely illegible. To implement this solution, it is not complicated, you connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, click on his phone in the left column and on the "Summary" we simply check the "Encrypt the backup of the iPhone." A new window opens, asking you to enter the password of your choice. Is done, is validated and the famous file can not be read by anyone.

The second method is not necessarily more complicated but you'll need to jailbreak your iPhone to enjoy it. If you're more of a hacker, this does not pose any problem, of course, but beginners may have some more difficult to carry out this operation. Anyway, once Cydia is present on your phone, just download and install a little utility called Untracker practice. This will not prevent your iPhone to record your position, but it will run in the background and automatically delete it.


The whole question is whether this lovely little tool will not block these famous applications that allow you to quickly find your iPhone in case of theft. After all, I assume that they are based precisely on the tracker, in any case c is that all indications. Good and now he'll have to go browse on Google Android, Windows 7 Phone and BlackBerry OS to whether competition is not doing well …

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