iPhone 7 DFU mode

If you own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you should know how to put it in DFU mode. This mode, similar but not similar to the restore mode, will allow you to load a different firmware version than the last one available. It is mostly used by Jailbreak fans, but it will also allow us to restore the terminal.

On iPhone 7 the combinations that allow to reset your device or put into DFU mode.

The procedure remains the same, only the buttons in play have changed. If the Home and Power buttons were used in previous devices, the Power and Volume Down buttons are used now.

The reason is the new Home button, which is no longer mechanical and requires a change in the combinations for certain operations. Here are the steps.

Reset / Reboot

  • Press and hold the On/Off power button
  • Hold the On/Off button, press on the left side the volume down button on the left side
  • Keep both buttons pressed until the device restarts.

How to Put Your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus into DFU mode
Step 1: Connect the iPhone 7 to the computer

Step 2: Open iTunes or make sure it stays open

Step 3: Turn off iPhone 7

Step 4: On the right side of your iPhone 7, press and hold On/Off button for three seconds

Step 5: While still holding the On/Off button, press and hold down the volume on the left side.

Step 6: Keep the two buttons pressed for 10 seconds (if the Apple logo appears, you will have to start the procedure again)

Step 7: Release the power button and hold the volume down button for five seconds.

If the screen of the device remains black, the procedure has been successful, otherwise, if the iTunes screen appears it will mean that the device is only in recovery mode and not into DFU mode.

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