gameboy-iphoneGame Boy Advance – a 32-bit portable console Nintendo, released in 2000. It quickly gained popularity and all thanks to three main advantages . The device was portable and convenient , Game Boy Advance games 2D- supported format and had a powerful processor that allow the use of a plurality of gaming applications. Moreover , GBA provided support multiplayer.

Today released a full Game Boy Advance emulator for the iOS platform 7. Developers GBA4iOS 2.0 offers users the iPhone and iPad to get acquainted with a lot of game projects, issued for the famous console. Feature of this design is that to run the games do not need to jailbreak , and ” fill in ” ROM images on the device can be from within the application or via iTunes.

How to run games on the Game Boy Advance iOS 7 without jailbreaking :

Step 1: Go to Settings -> General -> Date and time , turn off the Auto and date on February 18.

Step 2: On your iPhone or iPad, open up this link.

Step 3: Cick Download GBA4iOS 2.0 at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: You will see a warning that the site is going to install the application GBA4iOS. Click Install.

Step 5 : Open the main screen of the iPhone and iPad, and then begin the process of installing the emulator .

Step 6 : After completing the installation process tapnite application icon .

Step 7: On the question of whether you want to open the program GBA4iOS, click Continue. Opens emulator consoles , ready to run the games .

Step 8: Now you will only boot ROM on your iPhone and iPad. Find images of the games can be on the Internet, through the application by clicking the “+” button in the upper right corner. Select any web site with images of games – after loading they will automatically emulator.

The second option to boot ROM- images – Safari. When downloading files in the browser need to open them using GBA4iOS 2.0. And finally , the third option to download games – iTunes. Connect gadget to your computer and open it in iTunes. On the applications get GBA4iOS and relocate the Documents section GBA4iOS, pre- loaded images games. Now open the emulator on your iPhone or iPad and run any of toys installed .

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