NES 10

NES 10Among fans to use their iPhone and iPad as a purely gaming gadgets have many nostalgic for the time when the pixels are still large, and polygons were from the verge of fantasy . Just for their needs and are old school emulators consoles. For the most part they run only on jailbroken devices , but there is a web version , no way inferior to “full” counterparts

webNES – is a browser version of the emulator NES, which can be used on any iOS- devices. Developers offer iPhone and iPad users to get acquainted with plenty of quality game projects produced for the Japanese console. The main features of the service is to run the games that do not need to jailbreak , and ” fill in ” ROM images on the device using the cloud service Dropbox.

How to install NES emulator for iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking

Step 1: Type into your device this url link .


Step 2: Click the arrow button on the bottom panel Safari.

Apple iPhoneStep 3: On the ” Share ” icon “click on Add to Home screen

Step 4: The gadget will display a message that the desktop iPhone or iPad will be added to the icon for web applications . Click “Add” button .

Apple iphone

After a few seconds on the home screen icon appears iOS emulator NES.

Step 5: Run the application. Opens emulator consoles NES, ready to run the games .

By default, there are five webNES toys – Galaxy Patrol, Croom, BoxBoy, Fighter F- 8000 and Tetramino. If you followed our instructions , games will run in full screen .

As already mentioned, it is possible to download the new ROM, you can find images on the Internet through Safari. After downloading the files you need to put them in Dropbox. And to add to the ROM emulator , just press “+” button at the top right and specify the account settings cloud service .

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