After offering the instrument created through AutoSHSH iHsn0w to avoid wasting your certificates ECID with Firmware three.1.three and three.2 (iPad) on Home windows, here’s a tutorial for the tool Umbrella for customers of Mac OS X.&#a hundred and sixty;

Step 1:

&#a hundred and sixty;Get the certificates ECID your instrument:&#one hundred sixty;

Put your software in Restoration Mode: Join the tool to your pc and dangle down the House button and Energy with out ever leaving except the iTunes emblem + USB cable on the display.&#a hundred and sixty;

&#one hundred sixty;&#a hundred and sixty;ITunes-detcte-iphone-en-mode-recovery 


Go to Applications / Utilities / System Profiler. On the left column of the System Information window, go to the section Hardware> USB, then the upper right, select Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode). You will then appear on the bottom line Serial Number: then locate the identifier ECID. Note that ECID somewhere. 



Step 2:

Edit the Hosts file to connect to Apple's servers: 

Find the host file in / etc / hosts / 

If asked what program to use to open the file, choose Text Edit, and then follow the same steps as for Windows 

If you can not ouvir file you need to go through teminal to edit (Terminal is located in the Applications> Utilities> Terminal): press enter at the end of each line 

Type sudo-s 

your password that you put on your mac 

vi / etc / hosts 

type i to enter insert mode 

Then copy the address 

type: wq 

and finally type exit 



Step 3:

 Get the certificate ECID your device: 

Unpack and run Umbrella (umbrella.dmg) 

Then fill in the boxes (ECID; Device Version; SHSH Repository), then click Submit. The file with the extension. Shsh appear in the folder you unzipped in the previous step! 




Download and Requirements

Have iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 3G, or iPad 

Download umbrella.

 For those with Windows, there is the same type of software (AutoSHSH) to record your local ECID (Read:AutoSHSH RC2: Backup certificate ECID for fi
rmware 3.1.3 and 3.2)


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