Windows 10 is a newly released operating system and many new users will find that some features look different or changed from their current location.

One of these features is to take a picture of the screen of your operating system, because if we come from a version of Windows 7 or less, may not know where they are stored. To solve this we will see how to make a screenshot in Windows 10.

Sometimes it is easier to send someone a snapshot of your screen to explain something to write hundreds of lines of text. With an image, in most cases, we can convey much more information, particularly from a computer.

Windows, and from its older versions, it has allowed for a snapshot of your screen. Let’s see how it’s done in Windows 10.

The three ways to take screenshots in Windows 10

To make a screenshot and save it as a file on your keyboard you have to press the key with the Windows logo and “Print Screen.” simultaneously.

These screenshots are stored in our user folder> Images> Screenshot. In it we find all catches in Windows 10.

Another way is to press only the “Print Screen.” Key, which copies the clipboard capture your screen and can stick where we want.

The last way is to make a screenshot of just the active window, for which we must press the “Alt” key and simultaneously “Print Screen.” This will also generate a screenshot to the clipboard to paste where we want.

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