How to Secure your Jailbroken iPhone from SSH Hack


Unfortunately, all iPhones have same default root password ‘alpine’ which almost everyone knows, and that many forget to change after jailbreaking, leaving their phone vulnerable to intrusion and hacking. The easiest thing one can do to secure his or her iPhone is to change default root password or by disabling SSH. Here is a simple guide on how to change your default SSH root password to make sure that your iPhone is secured against such attacks.

The following guide assumes that you have a jailbroken iPhone with OpenSSH installed.

Step 1: Go to Cydia and search for MobileTerminal app and then install it on your iPhone. Once you have successfully installed MobileTerminal, Reboot your iPhone.


Step 2:&
#0160;Now start MobileTerminal app and type the following command:



Step 3: You’ll now be asked for your old password which should be ‘alpine’ (without the quotes), followed by a new one of your choice (twice). Simply enter your old and new password and you are done!

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