Espier-1Lock Screen appeared in smartphones for a long time. This function is activated automatically when the device goes into “sleep” mode, and ensures that the user accidentally touching the display, do not make a call, do not send the message or change the setting.

The operating system Android regular lock screen is very simple, and over time can quickly get bored. If you want to change the interface screen saver on your mobile device, making the smartphone more like the iPhone, you can use the following development.

Espier Screen Locker app like users who fanateyut the style interface iOS, but for some reason continue to use Android. After installing it will remind lokskrin iPhone lock screen with typical clock, battery, slider «Slide to unlock» interface and even a password.


Espier Screen Locker – a free plugin for Espier Launcher, which we described in a previous article. The latter allows you to make your home screen Android-background in the style iPhone, almost replicating the look of Apple-OS.

Features Espier Screen Locker:

  • Making Android lock screen in the style of iOS.
  • Slider unlock and simple password security to your device.
  • Display of missed calls, unread messages lokskrine.
  • Camera button to activate fotoprilozheniya.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Use plug Espier Notifications to simulate notification of iOS.

Download Espier Screen Locker is available for free on the developer’s website.

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