How to solve iOS 9

How to solve iOS 9 "lag" after upgrading

Few users are complaining about small pulls or lag on iOS 9 especially when it comes to issues related to the SpringBoard, such as slide Control Center, access the Notification Center or go to Spotlight, especially in the latter function is where most obstacles users are finding it appears that the OTA update to iOS in September from the previous versions of iOS is bringing queue and there are hundreds of complaints, however, it seems that the solution is quite simple, more than we could imagine, a detail that few would realize in actuality iPhone and what you have.

In such large updates iOS such as the passage of iOS iOS September 8 to restore the device always recommend to later include a backup or restore the device preferably the latest version of iOS and set it as a new iPhone, It will not take more than one time and only once a year, which could significantly increase the performance of your device.

First we will check with the greatest possible certainty we have or not that nasty lag, to check you must test the animations in general, moving the Notification Center, the Control Center and entering through swipe Spotlight, simple checks to check if you paste a little tug. If you suffer from these hitches before and think you do not need to verify, proceed with these steps:

  1. We do not go to “Settings”
  2. Once in Settings, we turn to “General” and “Accessibility”
  3. First we enter “Increase contrast” to activate the controller “Reducing transparency” and “Darken Colors”.
  4. Without leaving your settings, we will back to “Reduce motion” and activate it.
  5. Now it is when you press the “home” button to return to SpringBoard and once there we close all active applications in multitasking (pressing twice at home).
  6. We turn to do the above checks Control Center and Notification Center.
  7. We headed back to “Settings” and perform step 3 and 4 in reverse, turn to turn these options to leave it as before.

There are many different forums that users are reporting that this method is working for them, and many others which are not difference. However I’d like to thank my fellow Artjom Olegovick has found the key through forums 9to5macfriends and other reliable sources, and I recommend those who may have problems with the small lag to complete these steps, it costs nothing and you can avoid these small problems.

Unquestionably computer does not have reason, it seems that this little lag is caused by a process that remains jammed in the SpringBoard or something similar. If you have worked for you, feel free to tell us in the comment box.

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