How To Speed ​​Up iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking


ios-7-iphone-5-iphone-4Releasing new models of the iPhone and iPad, manufacturer conceives them as fast, and highly productive device. In many ways, Apple will do it – the latest gadgets users can not complain of slow performance ” What can be said about the owners not the most new devices …

Apple uses a high-performance components to achieve unsurpassed performance smartphones and tablets. At the same time , program restrictions , animation and other ” decorations ” of iOS 7 is adversely affected by the speed of the mobile devices.

Problem can be solved without the use of unofficial applications or tweaks . Using the default settings of the operating system , you can improve performance is not the newest model of the iPhone or iPad.

Disconnect the parallax effect and frosted glass

Apple probably spent a lot of time to create parallax effect for wallpaper, creating a three-dimensional effect. Looks nice, but apart from devouring energy and unnecessary CPU load , this option is more on what is not necessary. Therefore, when setting the wallpaper in iOS 7.1 translate switch “Perspective” in the Off position .

Special chic shell program Apple gives transparency. Many items are made with iOS 7 of surround effects – layers above the main interface. While everything below becomes blurred as behind frosted glass . This effect is observed everywhere in the OS , including Notification Center , item management , a top panel with clock and other items. Turn off translucency UI you can go to Settings – > General – > Accessibility -> Increasing the contrast . By default, the switch is in the “Off” .

With muted effect works visually faster, especially on not the newest models. So , the iPhone 4 and iPad mini most animations , such as opening blinds , scrolling home screens . Appreciably reduced the reaction time by pressing a device icon .

Reduce traffic

Apple has created a beautiful long pseudo- three-dimensional effect for the “flat” interface iOS 7: menus, icons , alert , slightly changing its form when tilting the device . Function fairly minor , but consumes CPU time . So go at Settings – > General – > Universal access point and activate the “Reducing the movement.”

Free some memory

You like cleanliness and order ? Probably yes . So , the iPhone and iPad from time to time , too, is to arrange ” cleaning .” Imagine that you work in an office somewhere and some time later notice that your table is gradually beginning to clutter unnecessary documents and papers . And what are you doing? That’s right, you move the cleanliness and order to make more space and work more efficiently . The same thing happens in iOS 7. Smartphones and tablets , as well as desktop computers, also should be kept clean and in order.

Find a list of installed programs , ordered by the size of the data they occupied , in the settings of the operating system. To do this , open the main menu and go to the statistics . iOS 7 show the size of the downloaded programs and allows you to quickly free up memory on the device.

Close background applications

On this account , there are two points of view . Some believe that the user does not have to close applications in iOS 7 multitasking panel , as the system works with intellectual tasks itself terminates unnecessary tasks . Others say that multitasking OS is not smart enough , so having extra panel applications ” slow” system. Get rid of the background applications simply by double- click on “Home” and gestured up ” whisk ” unnecessary programs .

Empty the cache of Safari

In the process of surfing the Web Safari leaves a memory temporary files. And here comes the moment of ” general cleaning ” when it would not hurt to clean the data. Make it very simple . You need to go to Settings -> Safari and click the button ” Delete cookie and data .” OS warn that this content will be cleaned , which can be used for tracking . Confirm the action. It will also close all browser tabs .

iOS 7 has received many important and necessary functions , the interface is easier and more convenient . Controversy still go around the exterior design of “Seven” , some of it was not to the taste though because quite unlike their predecessors. But the road will not be back . Users will either have to accept the fact that there is , or use software solutions for modding . Especially because after jailbreak iOS change design of the iPhone and iPad – one minute affair .

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