Mac-awake-modeModern technologies are becoming more comfortable, so, for example , you can include the desired computer , without leaving the couch from every room in the apartment. Wake-up on the network (Wake-on-LAN) has been around for a long time , and with the proliferation of mobile terminals touch for these purposes has become convenient to use the iPhone and iPad.

Wake-on-LAN – is an industry standard protocol for remote wake the computer , which has the power house . Under the standby power refers to a mode of operation where the computer is turned off , but the indicator on the motherboard indicates that it has the power and at the same time it has the ability to run the power supply. The same protocol allows to organize a special opportunity : Wake-on-Wireless-LAN – Wake on WLAN. All modern Mac support this feature ” out of the box .”

How to Stop a Mac from sleep with iPhone

Step 1: To enable the Wake On LAN on your computer , go to the main settings of the operating system , energy saving section . Check the box ” Must Wake for network access .” If you can not find the item , then most likely , your Mac does not support the protocol .


Step 2: The second step is to determine the network IP- address of your computer. In some cases it is necessary to ensure that the mobile client can connect directly to a PC. Open the Network settings , select an active connection and see IP- address . Make a note of it.

Step 3: Now you need to download a special mobile application for iOS. In the App Store are a few programs, many of which are free . For example , you can use Fing, Mocha WOL or Net Status for $1.99.


Step 4: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same wireless network , in which the Mac, and run the application .

Step 5: If you are using Fing, click on the icon “Update” in the upper right corner to search for computers on the LAN . In the list , find the , guided by the IP-address , which you have learned in the second step . When the application has finished scanning , tapnite on a line with the name of the computer.

Step 6: On the next screen , scroll down to the line Wake On Lan. Now, when you decide to bring Mac from sleep , you just click on the item.

Wake On Lan protocol can be used not only with your iPhone or iPad, but also from mobile devices on the Android or Windows Phone. Download the app for Fing Google- platform here.

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