How to sync your iPhone and iPad with multiple iTunes libraries



Apple will not sync the iPhone and iPad with multiple iTunes media libraries. Perhaps this is due to fact that users will send each other licensed content that will affect sales on the official online Apple Store .

When trying to synchronize iOS- device with another computer, iTunes displays an error and offers to erase all data and sync with the new media library : “iPhone is synced with another iTunes library on the MacBook Air. Want to delete the contents of the iPad and sync media library with iTunes?”. The program reports that devices will be be synced with only one iTunes library. Technically speaking , this doesn’t make sense.

iTunes-RadioActually iTunes synchronization lock sync provides a special identifier that is stored in the file system program. Copying this identifier between computers that allow users to organize the iPhone and iPad media libraries on different PCs .

How to sync your iPhone with iTunes on multiple computers :

Step 1: The first Mac, open Finder and click on the top menu Go -> Go to Folder .

Step 2: Copy the path in the field ~ / Music / iTunes , and click Go .


Step 3 : Finder displays a list of system files iTunes. In the folder there are four files that need to pay attention to :

  • “iITunes Library.itl” – includes ratings, comments , additional information about playlists and more.
  • “iITunes Music Library.xml” – contains information about the location of the media files in the library.
  • “iITunes Library Genius.itdb” – written after starting the Genius, your musical preferences .
  • “iTunes Library Extras.itdb” – contains information from a database of music CDs .

You need to back up your files . Itdb,. Itl and . Xml, as well as the folder Previous iTunes Libraries. Press Command + C, and then Command + V to create a copy .


Step 4: Open a text editor, such as TextEdit, iTunes Music Library.xml file and copy the 16 -digit key from the line Library Persistent ID.


Step 5: On the second Mac , repeat steps 1 through 3.

Step 6: On the second Mac , close iTunes. Delete all the files . Itl folder Previous iTunes Libraries. If this folder does not exist , skip this step .


Step 7: On the second Mac, open iTunes Music Library.xml file and replace the identifier Library Persistent ID with the code from the first computer . Save the file .

Step 8: On the second Mac, open iTunes Library.itl file and delete all its contents. Click to save.

itunes blank

Step 9: Open iTunes. You will see the following message: “Probably iTunes Library.itl file is not a valid library file iTunes. , iTunes has created a new iTunes library and renamed this file to the iTunes Library (Damaged) “.


That’s all. Now you can sync your iPhone with both media libraries without any errors. Using this tutorial, iTunes will not try to remove the content from your iPhone or iPad.

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