Using side button and digital crown on the Apple Watch could quickly turn off, force a reboot of an app or take a screenshot. How to …

To use and interact with the Apple Watch, digital crown is a must. It serves not only to scroll through lists, (dis) zoom in if necessary, but it is the button too. One click, two clicks: Apple has “hidden” many significant features and shortcuts behind this button, the point is made.

Apple Watch enable

Nothing easier than that. Turn Apple Watch by holding the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

To this end, we hold it down the side key on the Apple Watch, a menu appears to me three choices on the screen – “OFF”, “POWER RESERVE” and “Block devices”. Self-explanatory, we choose the first option. With the power reserve by the way “smart” functions are all turned off. The Apple Watch is then only a clock. Useful in tight power supply in case of emergency.

Hard Reset the Apple Watch: Forced Restart


If the Apple Watch becomes unresponsive or “crashed”, then force restart (hard reset) on the watch by holding simultaneously the side button and digital crown until the Apple Watch restarted and the Apple logo appears on the screen. Only then, will  switch off again. The process should take approximately 10 seconds to complete.

Force quit app on the Apple Watch

Perhaps preparing only one app a problem on the Apple Watch? Then we do not have to restart the watch completely, it is sufficient to terminate the affected app by force.

  • Hold and push until the selection menu appears (equivalent to turning off the Apple Watch).
  • The menu selection will appear, push again the side button. The Apple Watch system should close the affected app – done.

Screenshot on the Apple Watch

  • Hold the side button. Shortly after, tap the digital crown – and say: cheese!
  • A screenshot is produced and stored in the iOS 8 iPhone photo app. From there, it can be edited or shared the usual way.

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