How to Transfer iTunes Library to a New Computer


Over time, our library develop: including tune, new purposes, backing up iPhone and so on..

Right here is the way to transfer your whole iTunes on an exterior laborious pressure to save lots of house to your main onerous power. And as we actually need to retailer area, we can additionally transfer the backups of the iPhone .

We will due to this fact proceed in two phases:

1)      Transfer the entire tune, video, apps and so forth.. to the exterior arduous force with CopyTrans TuneSwift

2)      Create a symbolic link to iTunes stores the backups of the iPhone on the external hard drive

You should know that iTunes stores the backups of the iPhone on your main hard drive , and it takes a lot of space very quickly. As it is not possible to change the location of these backups in iTunes, we’ll create a symbolic link (like a shortcut) from the backup folder of iTunes and our external hard drive. iTunes is hoodwinked and log backups to external hard drive!

Part 1 – Move the iTunes Library

Download CopyTrans TuneSwift from this page: 

CopyTrans TunesSwift and activate it for free until March 15, 2011 with the code ” TUNESWIFT-FREE-FOR-EN-IPHONE4
Once open, click ” Transfer “


Click the button ” PC (Windows) “


We want to move our iTunes on an external hard drive. You can choose another internal hard drive of your PC, simply click the appropriate button here ” External Hard Drive “


Click ” Browse “and navigate to your external hard drive. Consider creating a folder just for iTunes!Finally click ” Forward “


Once done, your iTunes will be on your external hard drive. It will contain everything except the iPhone backups that have remained on your main hard drive.
No worries, here’s part 2!

Part 2 – Move the backups of the iPhone

IPhone backups are stored here:

C: Users YOUR NAME AppData Roaming Apple Computer MobileSync Backup

(The path may change depending on the version of Windows you have).

Go to this folder:

C: Users YOUR NAME AppData Roaming Apple Computer MobileSync

Cut and paste the Backup folder on your hard drive. I personally put into the iTunes folder that I created on purpose.

Attention, it is important to cut the record and not COPY.

We will now create the symbolic link for iTunes stores iPhone backups on external hard drive.

To do this, open the Windows Command Prompt (in Windows 7: just type “cmd” into the search bar of the Windows menu, type “cmd” in Run)

Once opened, type the following command:

mklink / J “C: Users YOUR NAME AppData Roaming Apple Computer MobileSync Backup” “E: iTunes Backup”

The second path is the Backup folder that you pasted on your hard drive.

Finally, confirm by pressing the return key.


Be sure you flip your exhausting power earlier than opening iTunes. This may store backups of the iPhone to your arduous force.

And voila! You  absolutely moved iTunes to your arduous pressure!

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