How to Transform Windows 7 to Mac OS X Lion


 We have to be mindful that these well-known packs can have an effect in your computing device(slowdowns, crashes, and so on.) . No matter occurs, earlier than the soar and make the strive, it’s So higher shop all of your information and even create a picture to revive your laptop if one thing have been to plumb incorrect. In addition to, when you have no idea how to do this and also you should not have the "manner" to purchase License Norton Ghost, you need to use a free software and really at hand to understand Clonezilla . 


Then issue pre-requisites, you will need two things: a computer running Windows 7 (32bits or 64bits) and the famous pack, namely Lion Skin Pack 3.0 .


Once you have all that and you're done to repatriate the archive, we can get down to business … No need to worry because the procedure is relatively simple. We begin by unpacking the archive and be found in a nice executable file that will launch. Here you have a wizard that will start you like to install any software. You click on 'next', 'next' and even 'next' until my stuff has finished running.

However, for those who like to know what qu'installent such programs (you can never be too careful) , we can state that this wizard is based on tools familiar to all those who like to change their work environment. It is thus quote Leftside, RockDock, UberIcon or Yzshadow. Then, when the installation is nearing completion, the wizard will ask you to reboot your machine. A few seconds / minutes / hours (delete as appropriate) later, magically, you find yourself in an environment similar to what has Mac OS X.

The result

Close but not similar. Indeed, if the result is made ​​to fit, we are still far from the real interface of Mac OS X. Some icons drool slightly, the Apple menu is in reality a "Start" menu recast and placed on top and the element closest to what Apple offers, it is ultimately the dock. This is not surprising since it is based on the tool RocketDock and the reputation of the latter is more to do. In all cases, you'll now be able to call all your friends and show them the result. Here, besides, if you want to pay you their face, you just have to say that you've put together a hackintosh. We'll see if some of them noticed the deception like this …

How to remove all this?

That is good, it was oddly amused, cough cough, but now we would like to take this theme and find our real office . Well the guy who made ​​this wizard has done a good job since it is sufficient simply to visit the "Control Panel" and go for the "Add / Remove Programs."Here, c is great, you'll find the list a line dedicated to the Lion Skin pack 3.0 and you will have to click over to chain and then clicking the "Uninstall" to retrieve your Windows desktop owl 7.Everything you have to do after the reboot of your bike is to put the taskbar in the right place.

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