If there is something that has always characterized updates iOS and OS X have been already so famous bugs (or in Spanish, errors). With the arrival of iOS 8.3 just a few days ago, many users have complained of problems with the Bluetooth of your devices, especially when connecting to speakers, headphones or external drive.

As every problem has a solution, since Mac iOS we bring different solutions that you can try before you lose patience and pull your phone out the window. You will be very useful before Apple releases a new update to correct this problem. Some are quick and simple to make, but others that can take some time. Try to solve the problem with the simplest, and if you see the error persists, go to the most elaborate.

Disable and re-enable Bluetooth
airdrop bluuetooth

Yeah, it seems stupid, but you you can not even imagine the amount of people who are overwhelmed with Bluetooth problems rather opt for the world’s easiest solution, disable and re-enable Bluetooth. From the Notification Center, deactivate then activate Bluetooth and then try connecting the device. You can also do it in Settings – Bluetooth. If you see the problem persists, go to the following proposed solution.

Restart your device

If you’ve tried turning off and restarting the Bluetooth and the problem is still there, try restarting your iPhone or iPad. You can do this in two ways, by sw
itching off and turn on the terminal holding the lock button and then sliding or restarting. To do this, you have to hold down both the lock button and the Home button until you exit the Apple logo. If after rebooting your device the problem persists, go to the next solution.

Disconnect the device you want to connect


Another effective solution is to decouple the device that is giving you problems with your iPhone or iPad, and then re-link. To do this, go to Settings – Bluetooth and click on the “i” at the end of the corresponding device in question fringe. Once inside, click Forget Device. It is a more elaborate option as it will keep a rebind the device time, but it can run you well.


Resets the network settings in iOS 8.3

If you have tried the above solutions and do not get around the problem, reset the network settings by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings on your device. It is also a solution developed since then have to relocate the access keys that you had stored on your device.


Reset your device

It is somewhat complicated, but always worth trying if you start to despair and to see the solution to waste your device window by more feasible than ever. Make sure you have a recent backup of your device and restore it. Just connect your device to your PC or Mac, open iTunes and click Restore iPhone / iPad.

Back to iOS 8.2

If you’ve tried all the solutions above and yet still can connect your iPhone or iPad device you’ve always been linked, only one thing: back to version yes allowing you to connect, ie to iOS 8.2. You will lose all the advantages of the new update, but you can connect via Bluetooth to your device. To do this, you can follow this video tutorial:

After these possible solutions, I hope you were able to solve the problem and the idea of ​​throwing your phone out the window like it has completely slipped my mind. Remember if you have any questions on this issue or any other reference to the world of Apple, you can use our Help Forum. We will be happy to give you a solution.

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