How To Try Apple Watch On The Web



A start-up meeting had the excellent idea of creating an emulator allowing users to get an overview of how the Apple Watch. This emulator installed on a site specially set up for this purpose, is accessible from any browser. Beyond the design of the watch, it displays the interface of the latter and thus it is possible to test its operation with 19 applications installed such as Phone, Messages, Mail, Maps, including third-party applications like Shazam , and Instagram of course, the app-startup that provides access to some sources of information from the watch.

The emulator is in any case very successful to the point that the site is currently very difficult to access, clearly a victim of its success.

Best of all, this site also allows to upload any image, which makes it possible to get a glimpse of its application on the first Apple watch connected. Try this emulator here and do not forget to click the wheel to return to the Home screen of the watch.

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