How to turn iOS 7 to iOS 8 using Cydia jailbreak tweaks



Despite the emergence of  iOS 8 jailbreak, not the easiest installation,  manual Cydia discourages many users from hacking. Introduced utility for easier downloading tweaks to the device changes the situation a bit, but on iOS 7 remain almost half of the users iOS-devices. Especially for them, we’ve compiled a jailbreak extensions that carry functional iOS 8 in iOS 7. iOS 7 in iOS 8Odnim of the most useful changes in iOS 8 are interactive notification to quickly answer the other party without opening the Messages application. Enough to pull the curtain in the window that opens enter text. Exactly the same functionality becomes available after loading tweak InteractiveMessage Notification.

Two visual differences between iOS iOS 7 of 8 lie in the Notification Center and a control point system. At the top was the curtain on one partition smaller and the bottom – has acquired a new graphics. Both of these changes can be transferred to the seventh version of the system using tweaks Notific8 and Centrex respectively. To add a shortcut to a multitasking bar perfect extension iOS8-AppSwitcher.

The last two features of iOS 8 became available only for new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The first function is called Reachability. It allows you to lower down the interface to operate with one hand with the device was comfortable. Incidentally, such a possibility can be activated on any device with iOS jailbreak and 8. But for convenient installation screen bias in iOS 7 need tweak Reachability7. The extension can be configured to any gesture or action Activator. The latest highlight of iOS only got 8 top model iPhone 6 Plus. We are talking about the possibility of landscape display icons on the desktop. With the transfer of this feature on iOS 7 will easily cope with IconRotator tweak for iOS 7.

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