How to turn off your iPhone without using the power button


slide to power off

iOS 11 brought some new features that are not very well known but that can be very useful in some occasions. One of these new functions is the ability to turn off the iPhone without using the side button or the sleep/wake button (depending on the model).

This is probably not something you are going to use very often, but if you have a problem with the physical button, it is a fairly practical solution. This new features can also be useful for people who make use of the accessibility features, for example those who have difficulty pushing buttons.

The following steps to turn off your phone are as follows:

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Navigate down and tap Shut Down


If you simply want to block the screen of your iPhone and the physical button does not work, you can go to Settings> General> Accessibility > activate  Assistive Touch . Once you have the floating button on the screen, go to Device> Lock Screen.


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