How to Turn your iPhone into iPhone “Apple Store”


In "tutorials which are unnecessary but it surely makes my&#one hundred sixty;iPhone&#a hundred and sixty;different, "you pulled the appropriate choose.&#one hundred sixty;Nowadays, we provide an professional video extracted right away from an iPhone four.&#a hundred and sixty;However no longer simply any&#one hundred sixty;iPhone&#a hundred and sixty;, the demonstration is within the&#a hundred and sixty;Apple Retailer&#one hundred sixty;.&#a hundred and sixty;If in case you have already made ​​a flip, you've most certainly made ​​this gaffe spot turning round to sing the praises of the telephone.&#a hundred and sixty;Clearly, it’s basically best on hand in put in within the iPhone Apple Retailer.&#a hundred and sixty;No method to get the video ….&#one hundred sixty;


A year ago now, a person has one of the jailbroken iPhone 4 and got the video through SSH. You are the issues today, what is more as a screen saver.

Note:  The original video has a resolution of 640 × 960 (resolution of the iPhone 4). But it works normally for other devices. It was tested on an iPhone 3G and the rendering is very good.


  • IPhone or iPod Touch
  • The "Auto Lock" enabled in the settings (Settings> Verrouilage car.> 1-5 minutes)
  • Video - Download
  • Know how to connect via SSH


1.  Log in SSH to your iPhone / iPod Touch.

2.  Copy the video in / var / mobile /  , make sure that the name of the video is well "  "(without the quotes).

3.  Make a respring (using SBSettings for example).

That's it!

When finished, wait for your unit to turn mode 'screen saver' and you will see and the video presentation which is on the iPhone introduction. To exit, simply touching the screen enough.It is useless and yet it captures.


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