An accident can simply occur with an iPhone particularly when looking to jailbreak or free up your instrument. In all probability the iPhone was once corrupted at an OS or firmware stage. Rather presumably the obtain I had at the start tried had turn into corrupt. So, I wanted to wash down the cellphone.


Quite possibly the download I’d loaded was lurking somewhere on my Mac. So this is what I did:

  1. I cleaned down the iPhone by putting it in DFU mode (Where DFU stands for Device Firmware Upgrade).
  2. I found the download on my Mac and deleted it.

DFU mode. You put an iPhone in DFU mode by doing the following:

  • For about 7 seconds keep the “power/lock’ button (top of the phone) and the “home” button pressed – until the iPhone screen goes black.
  • Keep them pressed for an extra 2 seconds, then release the “power/lock’ button
  • iTunes will then see the the iPhone after about 10 seconds. Now you release the “home” button.
  • The iPhone is now in DFU mode.
  • You can now reformat the iPhone by reloading everything, but first delete the previous download.

If you prefer using iREB to put your device in DFU MODE then:

  • How to pur your device in DFU MODE with iREB

New download. I acquired a valid download by doing the following:

  • I went to /library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/
  • There was a file there which has a name similar to iPhone2,1_3.3.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw. This ipsw file was probably corrupted. So I deleted it. If you don’t delete this, iTunes will try to load it and you’ll have the same problem as before. It all probability, this file is corrupt.
  • I restored the iPhone and it worked – because I had reformatted the iPhone and got a fresh update for it.
  • Once the iPhone was restored, I reloaded the phone from the last backup.

In the process if you get error 1604, proceed with the following:

  • How to Fix Error 1604 During iPhone IPSW Custom Restore.


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