The PC and Mac have many similarities and lots of variations. A PC person can perjure your pc is best as a Mac person will say that that is unsuitable.

With regards to putting in packages on a PC or a Mac, the method is identical (even if every step is labeled otherwise in each Mac and PC, which can also be complicated for any individual who occurs to make use of a PC a Mac or vice versa). Then again, uninstalling applications on a Mac is a quicker than doing it on a PC.


Step 1. Go to your Mac desktop and double click on the "Macintosh HD. " This will throw content such as Applications, System and Library. The icon will look like an external disk and it will be gray or silver.

Step 2. Double click on the "Applications. " This will bring up a list of applications or programs on your Mac

Step 3. Check the list of applications.

Step 4. Press and hold down the "Ctrl"to make the choices and actions.

Step 5. Finally, click on the operation "Move to Trash. " Or you can click on the software and simply drag it to the Recycle Bin on your desktop. Both actions eliminated the program on your Mac

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