Easy methods to Release iPhone four / 3GS With Redsn0w zero.9.11b4 Ultrasnow Fixer On iOS 5.1.1 Customized Firmware


Upon its unlock a number of days in the past, iOS 5.1.1 hackers already provided a tethered jailbreak for A4 processor devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Of course, many iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS owners want to perform the update from iOS 5.0.1. However, users need to rely on an unlock, keep the iPone baseband version for a future unlock with UltraSn0w or Gevey. To accomplish this process and alter the baseband firmware does not need an update is performed using a custom firmware.The program can redsn0w the appropriate firmware to be created.

Be provided after the installation of the created custom firmware your device has, of course, with a jailbreak.Currently, a tethered jailbreak using redsn0w be performed.The corresponding instructions can be viewed via the link below.

Important Information:
Basically you have to guarantee that the old baseband version is retained when you update to iOS 5.1.1, then, continue to apply to the particular unlock method.This of course applies to all Gevey users, but also for the numerous UltraSn0w users.Therefore you must never perform an update via iTunes, because otherwise the updated baseband version and can not subsequently be screwed down.

Guide to a custom firmware with RedSn0w (Mac or Windows) to create:


Download iOS 5.1.1:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4 GSM
  • CDMA iPhone 4

Download redsn0w 0.9.11b4 for Windows and Mac OS X:

Step 1:
After you install the latest version of redsn0w linked and the corresponding iOS 5.0.1 firmware.

Step 2:
Open RedSn0w 0.9.11b4 and click on “Tools” -> “Custom IPSW”.Then select the previously downloaded from iOS 5.1.1 firmware.




Step 3:
Then, the corresponding custom firmware created.Then you will be returned to the “Tools” menu of redsn0w and “Pwned DFU” button.

Step 4:
Put your device into DFU mode and RedSn0w  will automatically go in DFU Pwned clock mode.

Step 5:
Close RedSn0w opens iTunes and your iPhone is detected in maintenance mode.

Step 6:
After you have the Alt key (Windows) or Shift-click (Mac) and clicking on Restore.After you choose the custom firmware created in step 3 from.

Step 7:
At the end you will see on your iPhone and your iOS 5.1.1 baseband version has not changed.This will allow you to free your iPhone with UltraSn0w Fixer patch or with the help of the Gevey SIM card from a SIM lock.

Important Information:
This is not to jailbreak and you keep only your baseband version for later unlock.The jailbreak must then be explicitly performed with redsn0w.You can provide appropriate tutorial to have your iOS devices jailbroken.

Instructions for unlocking the Ultrasn0w Fixer patch:


The following baseband versions are supported:

  • 01:59:00
  • 04:26:08
  • 05:11:07
  • 05:12:01
  • 05:13:04
  • 06:15:00

Step 1:
After the custom firmware and the associated jailbreak was installed on the device, Cydia will be opened.Then click on the “Manage” button and open the “Sources”.Tap on the “Edit” button and then click on the “Add” button. 

Step 2:
The following URL will be “http://repo.iparelhos.com” must be entered and added afterwards.

Step 3:
After adding, click on the repository and the package “Snow Ultra-fixer,” and then select install.

Step 4:
After install the installtion of the “Ultrasn0w fixer” must “Ultrasn0w 1.2.5” from the iPhone Dev-Team.This requires the source “http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com” be added.After that you can either search for “Ultrasn0w” or view the source of the tap all packages.

Step 7:
Now carry only a reboot and the unlock work on iOS 5.1.1 with old baseband should.


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