Prior to now undiscovered iPhone Unlock method with the SAM tool was made available to the public and iPhone owners were able to free their devices from the SIM lock.At that time, however, the process and the corresponding instructions, was relatively expensive and complicated.The makers of SAM tools have made the effort and simplifies the unlock process very much.Now only a few steps are necessary to the successful unlock.


The latest update for SAM should fix some issues with the activation if you click in the SAM, and give you a pretty indicator while you wait.

– Sam Bingner (@ sbingner)April 25, 2012


  • The iPhone has to have a jailbreak
  • The iPhone may not have been blacklisted by Apple (Apple ID disabled)
  • The respective SIM card that you want to use after unlock, the iPhone has to find

The following equipment and baseband version will be supported:

  • All-generation iPhone and all baseband versions (04:11:08, 04:12:01, etc.)

How to Unlock iPhone with SAM:

Step 1:
First you have to download the jailbreak app SAM and installed.For this open cydia and under manage -> sources you’ll have to add the following repository:

Step 2:
After adding the source simply click on the item and installed SAM.Then there is the iPhone icon on SAMPrefs euerem.

Step 3:
Open the app SAMPrefs and click on “Utilities”.Then you must select the entry “Attempt Activation”.

Step 4:
Now the device will perform a Respring and your SIM card should be recognized.

If the SIM card is still not recognized and you receive an error message on the iPhone, you have to follow through the steps.


Step 1:
Remove the SIM card from the iPhone.

Step 2:
iFile Open and navigate to “/ var / root / Library”.Click on “Edit” and select the “Lockdown” folder.Click on the “Zip” button and create a backup of “Lockdown”.Scroll to the bottom and ensure that a zip file was created.Then you can delete the “Lockdown” folder.

Step 3:
Navigate to “/ User / Library / Preferences” and search for SAM.Delete the file “com.bingner.sam.plist”.

Step 4:
Start your new iPhone and inserts the SIM card again.

Step 5:
Open the app SAMPrefs and click on “Utilities”.Then you must select the entry “Attempt Activation”.After that, the iPhone perform a Respring and the SIM card should be accepted.


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