How to update your iPhone 4 without Erasing the baseband


iPhone four customers will have to watch out with the  firmware four.1 and steady it with the output of the jailbreak on Sunday might be multiple hand to the pinnacle when you’ve got no longer achieved this earlier than:


Cellphone four (simplest works with the iPhone four)
Tinyumbrella four.1.5 or larger. Verson Obtain Windows Version or MAC.
The firmware in question.


1 .- Connect your iPhone via USB to the PC 4 (if iTunes is open so close)
3 .- Tinyumbrella unloaded and open it.
4 .- Obviously we have our SHSHSs saved, if we do not have them now.
5 .- Download iOS 4.1 for the iPhone 4.
6 .- Open Tinyumbrella and click on "Start TSS server"



7.-IMPORTANT, without removing tinyumbrella open iTunes and click on MAC Option + Restore or Shift + Restore in Windows and choose the firmware you have downloaded. RESTORE remember is never updated.

Done when finished we will have our brand new iPhone 4 with IOS 4.1 and with the baseband 1.59.00, ready to install ultrasn0w when the jailbreak is available.


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