The energy of&#a hundred and sixty;Google Android , from my point of view, it is the incalculable possibilities offered by the platform. With a little time, some ideas and a minimum of technical knowledge, it is possible to do anything you want. And indeed, if some of you have a Motorola Xoom , then they are likely to learn that the guys BooyaGadget achieved a complete tutorial for them to use a controller for the PlayStation 3 with the charming little touch pad . Just as it is also supposed to work with o
ther tablets …


And waits because the best is yet to come. By following this tutorial, it will indeed be possible to use the handle of the PlayStation 3 with all emulators developed for Android , including Nesold (NES) , Snes9X (Super NES) , FPSE (PlayStation 1) or Ataroid ( Atari) . Knowing that these virtual controllers may lack precision and comfort, so it's very good news because you can play all your old songs in optimal conditions and thus increase your gaming performance.

Of course, this tutorial does not work with the PlayStation 3 controller. This makes it possibleto connect and use a joystick for the Xbox 360 or a Wii with his tablet. But be careful as to take advantage of this trick, you will necessarily need to activate the USB Host Modesous Android 3.1. If you do not know what to do, to follow all instructions are available. Once this is done, you just need a special adapter OTG.

And if you want to do the same with other controllers, note that a dedicated series of tutorials will be published (or already are) on BooyaGadget . Again, they are essentially dedicated to the Xoom but these tips should also work with other tablets. Not being an expert on Google Android, it is possible that this article is somewhat incomplete, so do not hesitate to intervene in the comments of this article to clarify or share your tips.



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