Playstation controller  can be operated without any special drivers, OS X. But if you want a Xbox One controller * Mac gamble, it may require additional software. In this tutorial we show you how you can connect with your Mac your Xbox controller.
Although the latest versions of OS X provide a general support of gaming peripherals * (gamepads, joysticks, etc.), but it all depends on the particular game, whether it can be played on the Mac with controllers. Especially PC games, which were subsequently ported to OS X, will make a proper support for gamepads miss often.

In theory, one should have a Xbox controller also can connect via Bluetooth to the Mac. However, the coupling of the controller with the Mac works only sporadically. The Bluetooth connection limits the number of compatible games further. A USB cable is still the best connection.

  1. Free Controller software called Xone OSX and install it.
  2. The terminal (in Spotlight “Terminal” to enter) and open the following command followed by the administrator password and press the Enter key:
  3. sudo nvram boot-args = kext-dev-mode = 1
  4. Restart your Mac now.
  5. Now connect the controller using a USB cable to your Mac and open System Preferences from OS X
    In the bottom row should now see a new panel “Controller Xone”.
  6. If the Xbox controller was correctly recognized by OS X, Xone should list in the “Controller” drop-down box a “Controller 1”. In addition, every keystroke that is placed on the controller display. Other settings can be made here, but do not.
  7. Done.


Who wants to try the controller now, you can download many free Mac games in the Steam Store, which are compatible to the Mac with controllers. Owner of an Apple TV can also use the Big Picture Mode Enable Steam and transfer your Mac screen via AirPlay on the TV.

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