How to verify your .shsh2 blobs


At this time a new program that allows you to downgrade (and updating) to iOS versions no longer signed by Apple was released. His name is Prometheus, but without SHSH2 certificates become virtually useless. Therefore, in order to proceed with the downgrade, you must first save these important certificates, univochi for each iOS device. In this guide we show you how to save it.

So let’s see how to save SHSH2 certificates, necessary for the iOS downgrade. We’ll have to first create an Internet connection, an iOS device, a PC / Mac with iTunes installed and a Lightning cable with which to connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch to your computer.


  • Have your SHSH2 certificates ready in order to enforce a downgrade or an upgrade to a version of IOS no longer signed by Apple. If you do not have these certificates, you can not possibly carry out these operations.
  • The SHSH2 certificates can be saved only and exclusively when a firmware is signed yet, not after the close of the signatures from Apple.
  • The downgrade process is to return to a previous version of the OS (for example, from iOS to iOS 10.2 10.1.1) that it would be possible to install via iTunes because of the blockade of signatures from Apple.

How to verify your .shsh2 blobs

The downgrade process is usually tied to the Jailbreak is very interesting for jailbreakers being able to create a “safe” firmware to return to, anyway, when you want to use Cydia.

  • First you will need the ECID number of your device. To find out, open iTunes and connect your device to your computer using the Lightning cable. Copy your ECID number from iTunes.
  • Click on the icon of your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch that will appear at the top left in iTunes; then locate the words “Serial Number” on the right. Click it until you see your ECID.
  • Once you have both the ECID that the identification number of the device, visit and enter TSSSaver from Conan. (V1.70 with support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus)image117


  • Select your device and model.
  • Click on the captcha.


  • When prompted, enter the ECID and the identification number of the device.
  • Make sure you have entered all the data and click on “I’m not a robot” to verify the operation. Then click on “Submit” and wait for the complete site the request. It might take a bit ‘, depending on the traffic on TSSSaver.
  • Once the operation is complete, press the link that will be proposed. From the resulting page, you can add the folder with your SHSH2 on Google Drive or Dropbox, or download one zip by in the local store.
  • Download your SHSH2 in the link that appears in ZIP, Drive or Dropbox.
  • You save the unique file of your device and wait for the definitive tool.


Selecting any of the options will complete the rescue of SHSH2 for the device in question. It is worth mentioning that you will have to repeat this for all the devices of your property on which you might be interested in future downgrade. The SHSH certificates are unique to the device.

Thanks to 1Conan on reddit for making it so easy.


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